24x7 AI AutoBots at your Service to grow your Business tirelessly!


Generate 67% More Sales


35% increase in leads


30% savings in customer support costs


Generate 67% More Sales


35% increase in leads


30% savings in customer support costs

First-to-Market Intelligent AutoBots

that masters your Business in 60 seconds to Boost Sales, grow leads & increase engagement through uber smart conversations with your prospects & customers!

Growth Secret of Starbucks, Spotify, H&M, Mastercard, BizBikes, Sephora & much more can be yours now!

$97 per Month

Zero Monthly Fees & just $32 one-time payment

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24 x 7 Tireless AI Agents


Train the AI Bots in seconds


Train using URL, Text, File or even FAQ


Embed Autobots on any page or Website


Add as a Widget on any website


Organize AutoBot Campaigns under Workspace


Customize Autobots


Access DFY AutoBot Templates


Get complete History & Analytics


Get more sales


Increase Lead Generation


Increased Engagement rate


Reduced Customer support costs


Commercial rights to sell AutoBots to other Businesses


Agency Rights to Create & Manage Client Accounts

And so much more…

$97 per Month

Zero Monthly Fees & just $32 one-time payment


Ben Murray

Being someone who actively does product launches and marketing, I think Karthik’s got a winner with AI AutoBots Pro. The Number 1 thing that Businesses need when they land on a website or a landing page is answers to all their questions. If you are not providing them with the answers they need, they are likely to drop off and find someone else to replace you. The smartest thing to do is converting a RED HOT Prospect. These AI AutoBots can learn your Business in a flash and intelligently answer customer queries on your pages 24 x 7 right when they seek those answers without making them wait.


Abhi Dwivedi

If you have a website, having an AI powered AutoBot on your page 24 x 7 and having it answer all the questions is a no-brainer. We are talking about intelligent conversations where the AI can use its Natural Language Processing capabilities to understand your visitors and give them the best possible answer. I wouldn’t be surprised if the AI can answer better than a trained support professional.


Tim Verdouw

After reviewing this product I was like WOW, what an AMAZING product this is! Karthik and his team have taken AI to the next level by creating this amazing bot that allows so many companies to handle website traffic and support much more easily. Also the agency license makes this a no brainer as this will be a super easy sell to local and online businesses.


The BEST time to Make a Sale is when the Customer is RED HOT 

Unfortunately, there is NO second best time..

I am sure you have felt frustrated and annoyed when you went on a website to pick up something but you had some questions to ask before making the purchase..

But it’s late at night.. The Business is NOT AROUND or you are in a different TimeZone and its not working hours yet for the Business.

All you can do is drop a message on the support desk and wait for 24 hours to get a response.

You wish someone had answered your question immediately, right?

After 24 hours you get a response but you are no more a HOT Buyer who was all over the product the previous day.

Probably you even purchased the product from a competitor..

Has this ever happened to you ?

Have you ever thought the same could be happening to your Business or your client’s Business and you are missing out on Hot Sales?

This is the case of most consumers because they seek INSTANT response and when they don’t get it Businesses lose sales!

Imagine having 1000 people on your site and you are making 100 sales per 1000 people.

What if you could make 67% more sales that is 167 sales or even more depending on your Niche?

Most of the time it is not about bringing in more Traffic but making the best of the Traffic that you already have..

Considering the product you are selling is worth $100, what if you could put in an additional revenue of $6500 just by being around for your prospects and leads?

This is a massive problem that Businesses all around the world are facing today..

Not being available for their customers round the clock..

This is primarily because..

Hey.. This is Karthik Ramani…


I am going to help you and your clients Take Advantage of Artificial Intelligence & its Natural Language Processing Capabilities to be available for your customers & prospects 24 x 7 and increase your sales, engagement, leads, customer satisfaction & so much more…


Today’s Consumers look for Instant Gratification..

You need to keep up with your customer’s expectations
if you want to Achieve your Business Goals


As per a report published by Hubspot..

82% of Consumers think that an immediate response is important when they ask a marketing & sales question

90% of Consumers think that an immediate response is crucial when they ask a customer service question..

Do you know what Immediate Means?

10 Minutes or less..

Yes! That’s right.. 10 Minutes or less!

As a customer, If I cannot get the answer to my question within a short time, I will take my business elsewhere..

Businesses and more specifically small Businesses are losing sales, missing out on growing their list and have lower engagement rates because they are not available for the customers when they need them the most..

What if this can be changed?

What if small businesses can take advantage of AI to respond to customer queries 24x7 and even keep them happy post purchase by answering all the frequently asked questions and so much more..

Hold on to that thought..


Take a look at some of these Top Brands
which turned to AI Chatbots for Help..


Starbucks uses AI ChatBot and helps you place an order at a nearby store.
The convenience & speed of this system increased the Customer loyalty & Engagement for Starbucks..


Spotify, a digital music streaming service uses AI Chatbot that will make a playlist as per customer’s preferences and choice


H&M uses AI Chatbots as Digital Style Assistants to gather user preferences and help them pick products of their choice and uses the data to retarget them with relevant Ads. It also helped increase online sales by 15%


Mastercard implemented AI Chatbot to assist users to check their balance, monitor transactions and give personalized offers which led to increase customer satisfaction and reduced call center inquiries by 25%


Belgium’s Premium e-bike company BizBike started handling customer queries using AI Chatbots to address repeat customer queries and even ended up improving customer satisfaction and about 70% reduction in customer service costs.


Sephora, a beauty retailer is using AI Chatbots to increase customer satisfaction and they have AI Bots to schedule appointments with Beauty experts and even help customers with purchase decisions.

These BIG BRANDS had access to the finest Technology to create their AI Chatbots that helped them improve sales, lead generation, customer satisfaction, engagement and so on..

What if you can have access to that technology and create your own AI Autobots for your Business or your client’s Business in minutes without the need to possess any technical skills?


Here are some interesting Stats that prove
that AI AutoBots are going to be the Future..


Global Chatbot Market is valued at $6.3 Bn in 2023 and will hit $27.2 Bn by 2030

As per a study, Business leaders think Chatbots increase sales by 67%


Chatbots reduce customer service costs by 30%

On an Average Chatbots result in over 35% increase in lead generation


74% of consumers prefer chatting with a Bot over an Agent for simple answers

The conversion rate of Chatbots in some industries are even up to 70%


Transactions via Chatbots are expected to hit $112 Bn by end of 2023

In 2023 Chatbots are expected to save 2.5 Billion hours of work


Most of this research & statistics data took into consideration only basic Chatbots.
With the addition of AI and its Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing capabilities, the benefits will be much higher than perceived!


Sell, Engage and Support 24 X 7 Effortlessly using
Intelligent Bots that learns
your Business in Seconds and Answers ANY Question!


Business Owners go to sleep but Businesses don’t..

It is impractical and humanly not possible for anyone to be online answering questions customers or prospects may have..

But in the world of Instant Gratification, your prospects and customers do expect instant answers..

In the past this was bridged by ChatBots which gave answers based on certain keywords..

Let’s be realistic - We all know you will only get standard responses with ChatBots..

But with the advent of AI, things are changing!

Natural Language Processing capabilities have opened up an ocean of possibilities!

What if in just a few seconds you can create AI AutoBots that can answer questions better than a support Agent who you have to train for 6 months?



Train a Bot with your Own Data in just Seconds..


$97 per Month

Zero Monthly Fees & just $32 one-time payment


Create your Own ChatGPT like AI AutoBot

In 60 Seconds or Less Train AI to Answer Any Question for your Business!

Using AI has become very common..

I am sure you already use ChatGPT to do simple tasks and get your questions answered..

How about you have your own ChatGPT like Chatbot that has been trained to answer questions related to your Business?

How cool is that..

This is NOW Possible with AI AutoBots Pro..

It will take literally seconds to create a fully knowledgeable AutoBot specific to your Business and embed it on your website..

With this..


Handle Customer Queries 24 x 7


Handle sales and marketing queries on website even when you are away


Improve sales


Generate Leads


Boost Engagement


Improve customer satisfaction


Understand your customer needs better


Reduce Customer support costs


Provide Instant Gratification to your customers

And do so much more..

Train your own AI AutoBot in 3 Simple Steps..

Step #1

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Create your campaign & Select your Data Source (URL, Text, File)


Step #2

+Add Element

Customize your AI AutoBot

Step #3

+Add Element

Embed anywhere you want & start profiting


In less than a minute you can have your own fully Trained, Intelligent Bot ready to roll…

This AutoBot can be sitting as a Widget on your Website or it can be even embedded on ANY Page..


Unlock Unfair Advantage with the Power of AI


Be available for your prospects & customers 24 x 7


Provide instant answers and satisfy their need for Instant Gratification


Increase Engagement


Discover more about your consumers


Human-like Intelligent interactions rather than a chat with a ChatBot


Effortlessly Handle multiple people at the same time


Generate Leads


Reduce Website Bounce rates


Cost-Effective Solution to Provide the Best Service

+Add Element

Happy & Repeat Customers

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$97 per Month

Zero Monthly Fees & just $32 one-time payment


Neil Napier

Being available for their customers & prospects is the No.1 thing businesses should focus on. The wisest thing to do is maximizing the income on the traffic one already has. AI AutoBots seems to be the perfect solution to be available for customers 24 x 7 even while you are actually away. This is way ahead of regular Chatbots as the AI understands the questions using its NLP capabilities and gives a human-like response. I can see myself using this on my sales pages in the future to squeeze in some extra sales.


Saurabh Bhatnagar

As a co-founder of a SaaS company, I understand how crucial it is to get back to customers in time to keep them happy which will in turn keep my recurring revenue intact. AutoBots are the way forward. I have already started using AutoBots in my Business and I cannot wait to share the results with Karthik & Team! My Support team is now able to focus on more complex problems rather than answering repetitive questions. I love that we can have multiple bots for various business tasks. We have set up sales AutoBots and Customer Support AutoBots. We are even planning on adding one for onboarding our employees. This app is going to save us countless man hours and bring in more sales and happy customers. A big thumbs up to AI AutoBots Pro.

Watch the Demo of AI AutoBots Pro

$97 per Month

Zero Monthly Fees & just $32 one-time payment


Regular ChatBots Vs AI Powered AutoBots

AI Powered AutoBots are the Newest in Tech and I am sure
 you want to know why it is better than Regular ChatBots..

+Add Element

Regular ChatBots



Limited Responses based on Keyword Triggers and predefined answers

Unlimited Responses as they are trained for your complete data and not just specific answers for keywords.


No Natural Language Processing capabilities and hence doesn’t understand the real intent of the user

NLP capabilities that will help the Bot understand the conversation well and provide more Robotic features

Static / Dynamic

ChatBots are more Static in nature as they provide standard responses

AI AutoBots are Dynamic as their response differs each time depending on the question.

Quality of Conversation

Conversation feels more Robotic as the responses are more rigid and the context of the conversation is never understood

Human-like interactions due to the Natural Language Processing capabilities


Poor Engagement due to Robotic Conversations which people do not appreciate

Higher Engagement due to dynamic responses and ability to help people with what they actually want

Customer Satisfaction

Low Customer Satisfaction as many times they do not get what they are looking for..

Higher Customer satisfaction due to sensitive and meaningful responses that will actually help the customers


With all the limitations, regular ChatBots cannot be a permanent solution and need a human backup.

AI Autobots can function independently and don't need Human intervention for any Data that has been already provided to the AI.

There is nothing LIKE AI AutoBots Pro..


Increase your Sales, Productivity, customer engagement, grow leads, increase conversions, lower website bounce rates, save costs on having multiple full time employees to manage these tasks.

AI AutoBots is totally different from ChatBots which works just based on Triggers to Keywords whereas AutoBots can provide intelligent information based on any question


AI Bots can work 24 x 7 Tirelessly and provide meaningful information to your clients, prospects, customers, employees and so much more

While ChatGPT is all the New rage, there is no solution by far that will let you train the BOT for your content available for a one-time price.


Ease your process with clients, customers, Employees by building multiple AutoBots to serve different purposes.

$97 per Month

Zero Monthly Fees & just $32 one-time payment


How can Businesses Benefit using AI AutoBots Pro ?

I can quickly think about 100 different use cases for these AI Bots…

Be it a Small Business , a Digital Coach , an Ecom Store or even a Doctor,
everyone can benefit by using their own intelligent AutoBots..

For Example..


Real Estate Business

can use AI Bots to generate leads, share information about property,
open houses and so much more…


Ecommerce Businesses

can use AI Bots to tell about Product Features, description, information
about offer, payment options, return policy and so on..


Service Providers

can use AI Bots for Customer Support to deal with
frequently asked questions, doubts and so on..


Digital Products Businesses

can use AI Bots to handle sales queries, feature related queries and many more


Travel & Hospitality Businesses

can use AI Bots to share information about Tours, Packages,
plans, Travel Tips and the list goes on..


Fitness Studios / Yoga Studios / Gyms

can use AI Bots to give Diet Tips, Weight loss Plans,
Exercises for Specific Issues and a lot more.


Course Providers / Institutes / Schools

can use AI Bots to provide information about courses, admission fee, Admission process,
Deadlines and assist people in enrolling for the course that best suits them.


Banking / Financial Institutions

can use AI Bots to suggest schemes, investment plans,
loans, interest rates and so much more..


Food Blogs / Travel Blogs

can use AI Bots for recipe suggestions, information about places and so on..


HR Departments

in companies can use the Bot to help Employees with regular queries,
company policies, onboarding and much more


Digital Agencies

can use it to offer information about services, inclusions,
suggestions on latest Digital trends and so on..


Restaurants, cafes

can use AI Bots to display menus, allergen information,
Chef speciality, recommendations and much more..

The BEST Part is that the AI Bots learn your Business in seconds and can answer any questions from the knowledge you have provided like how a human would respond. Or I would say much better than a human would respond.

Unlike old generation ChatBots which trigger standard responses based on Keywords..

It takes seconds for the AI Bot to get familiarized about your Business through your links, files or even the text you paste and you get to embed it anywhere you want..

$97 per Month

Zero Monthly Fees & just $32 one-time payment


Who can use AI AutoBots Pro?


Business Owners


Anyone having a website


Ecommerce Stores


Digital Marketers


Service Providers






Course Creators


Digital Stores


SaaS Products


HR Professionals


Customer Support




Real Estate Agents


Spas / Salons


HandyMan services








Travel Companies




Restaurants & Cafes

+Add Element
+Add Element

The list goes on and on..

If you have a website or any Digital Presence you can deploy your own AutoBot and Train the Bot in less
than 60 seconds to answer questions to your clients, customers, stakeholders, employees and so on..

If you have clients who have websites, you can set up AutoBots for them..


Take a look at what people are charging for creating AI Chatbots
 which you can create using AI AutoBots Pro in under 60 seconds..


AI ChatBots are selling like Hot Cakes..
Grab your share from the $6.3 Bn ChatBot Market

The Chatbot Market is valued at a whopping $6.43 Bn and will hit $27.2 Bn by 2023..

Wondering where to find clients?

Every Business with an online presence can make use of AI ChatBots..

Just in the US, there are about 14 Mn Ecommerce sites..

Even if you just consider creating AI Chatbots for Ecommerce Websites the market is Humongous!


No of Clients

Avg AI ChatBot Set up Price



1 X $250



10 X $250



50 X $250



100 X $250



1000 X $250



But the fact is you can target any website owner and not just E commerce websites..

In fact there are 1.11 Bn websites and 200 Mn plus active Websites in the world.

175 New Websites are being created every single minute and 10K websites every hour..

All these websites can use an AutoBot irrespective of what they are offering or selling..

There are literally millions of Businesses needing AI Chatbot services..


Increase in sales


Lead Generation


Reduction in website bounce rates


Increasing the ROI with same Website Traffic


Automate Monotonous Tasks


Increase Engagement


Provide solutions without Human interference


Address repeat customer queries


Improve Customer Satisfaction


Provide instant gratification to their customers

And so much more..

These website owners and Ecom Store owners need your service because
 they do not have the expertise or technical skills to do it themselves.

You can project yourself as an AI AutoBot Expert in front of them while
 AI AutoBots Pro will do all the heavy lifting for you!


$97 per Month

Zero Monthly Fees & just $32 one-time payment


Chris Jenkins

How cool would it be to have someone answer questions for you on your website while you are away and even do all the selling for you? You can finally sleep peacefully at night. This is a must-have app to create Intelligent AutoBots for Businesses to handle their prospects and customers. If you want your sales, leads and engagement to go up, this is a must-have! Don’t miss it!


Vivek Gour

AutoBots are the way forward for Businesses. In a fast-paced world people are looking for instant answers and depending on humans to provide 24 x 7 is not a viable solution. In the place of humans you can have intelligent Bots answering questions related to your Business. The best part is that you can train the AI in seconds just by putting in the URL or a file or even by pasting a bunch of text. This is a stand out AI app that has come out in recent times and is a must-have!


Take a look at all the features inside this must-have AI App!

Organize your AutoBot Campaigns under Workspaces

Create separate workspace for different Businesses and manage Multiple AutoBot Campaigns under each Workspace. You can have campaigns for Lead Generation & sales, customer support, employee onboarding and so on..


Train the AI using URL

Just add a URL that has the info about your product and Train the AI to answer questions about your Business or products or policies..

Ability to Fetch Data from all sub URLs

The AI crawls and familiarizes with all the data and information in the Sub URLs under the main URL.


Ability to Train the AutoBot using Multiple URLs

You can also Train the AutoBot for Multiple URLs by editing the source and adding more URLs

Train the AI using Text

Copy & Paste Text and AI will fully learn the content and answer any questions.


Train the AI using a File

Drop a Text file for the AI to learn your Business in seconds.

Ability to Train using Multiple Files

Use Multiple files to Train the AI by editing the source.


Train the AI using a list of Q & A’s

AI can also be trained with a set of Question and Answers that come up frequently.

Use a combination of Sources to Train the AI

You can use a combination of URL Text, File & Q&A to Train the AutoBot to learn your Business.


Embed the AutoBot on ANY Page or even multiple pages

You can embed the AutoBot in any page and it will appear within the page wherever you have added. You can even embed it on multiple pages.

Add the AutoBot as a widget on ANY Page or even multiple pages

You can add the AutoBot as a widget that will be on the corner of your page. You can choose to add it to multiple pages too.


Ability to Restrict the Domains on which the AutoBot will work

The AutoBots can even be set to work on specific domains. You can set up the domains on which it can work.

Customize the AutoBot

Customize the AutoBot with your custom logo, color and even AutoBot Name.


Set Welcome Message on Bot

Set a default welcome message on your AutoBots to greet your page visitors.

Collect Leads

You can add Opt ins to grow your leads through AutoBots.


AutoResponder Integration

Get the leads added to your AutoResponder and start nurturing the leads and turn them into paying customers.

Set Email Notifications

You can even set up email notifications and send a welcome message to people who opt-in. You can also receive email notifications when someone new signs up to your list.


Set up Pre-filled Questions

You can set up pre-filled questions on the AutoBot and the user can easily choose a commonly asked question from the list and get their doubts cleared.

Ability to handle multiple conversations

Autobots can work tirelessly 24 x 7 and can handle multiple clients at the same time without any trouble.


Ability to Train Bots in ANY Language of your Choice

You can train the AutoBots in any Language of your Choice.

Ability to Train the same Bot in Multiple Languages

If you have clients speaking different languages, you can even train the bot with content in different languages and get them to answer depending on the language the questions come in


Store Response History

The entire conversation by the AutoBot. will be stored to help you understand the kind of questions coming in the Chats. You can use these conversations to update the AI and optimize the results.

Ability to Update the AI anytime

You can update the knowledge of the AI anytime you want. Whenever you change a policy, pricing or you have new information on your website, you can choose to update the AI and it will be up to speed with your new content in literally seconds.


Time-based Chat Initiation

Chat can be initiated on the page after the visitor crossed a certain amount of time on the page.

Complete Visitor Analytics

AI AutoBots Pro gives complete Visitor Analytics. It will show you the number of leads generated, Clicks on the conversation, Questions, response and so much more.


DFY AutoBot Templates

Pick and choose a DFY AutoBot Template for your AutoBot from a collection of hand-crafted Templates.

Personalized Conversations

Conversations if needed can be personalized after collecting the visitor information in opt-in.


Right to Left (RTL) Text

Ability to train the AutoBot in RTL Text and even get responses in RTL format.

Localize the AutoBots

The AutoBots can be Localized by adding the Default text in ANY language


Commercial Rights

Ability to create & Sell AutoBots to other Businesses for profits.

Ability to add client accounts & Agency Rights

Create & Manage Client Accounts and give them access to AI AutoBots Pro to create their own campaigns or to review the campaigns you have created for them.


If all that was not enough, we have more…


Complete knowledge base


Video Tutorials


Easy to use Dashboard


Intuitive UI


100% Newbie Friendly


Fabulous support

$97 per Month

Zero Monthly Fees & just $32 one-time payment


Take the load off your shoulders..
Ease your Business with AI AutoBots

  • Create 24 X 7 Sales AutoBots for Your Business
  • Create 24 X 7 Customer Support AutoBot for Your Business
  • Create 24 X 7 on-boarding & employee support AutoBots for your company
  • Create and sell 24 X 7 Intelligent AutoBots for other Businesses and make profits
  • Manage multiple queries from multiple customers at the same time
  • Generate leads and even add them to your AutoResponder
  • Engage with your Audience and get to know them better with detailed Analytics
  • Automate all the Sales & Customer Support tasks and focus your energy on productive tasks
  • Get Bots to answer / chat by training them in any language of your choice

ONLY for a Limited time we have included
the Commercial & Agency Rights..

Limited Time Commercial Rights Available ONLY Today

This will allow you to create AutoBot Campaigns for other Businesses and sell it to them for Top Dollar. You can be an AI AutoBot Service Provider.


Limited Time Agency Rights Available ONLY Today

You can even create client accounts and give access to your clients to review your work for them. You can assign specific workspaces to which your clients can have access.

Are you losing sales, missing out on leads, struggling
 to keep up with customer expectations ?

This is precisely what you need..

With AI AutoBots Pro by your side..


No more losing sales


No more struggling to keep up with your customers


No more missing out on leads


No more losing your website Traffic


No more unhappy Customers


No more low engagement and poor conversions

Instead you get to enjoy all these..


Get 67% more sales


Improve lead generation by 35%


Save customer support costs by 30%


Save countless man hours


Automate your sales


Automate Lead Generation


Increase Website Engagement


Get more ROI on the same Traffic


Improve your website Conversions


Reduce Website Bounce rates


Provide Instant Gratification to your customers


Improve customer Satisfaction


Have a competitive advantage


Create & Sell AutoBots to other Businesses


Save time, efforts and money


Focus your energy on things which needs your attention

And so much more..

Let me give you my Top 5 Reasons to not
miss this massive opportunity..

Reason #1

+Add Element

Having AI AutoBots on your pages and websites is a sure fire way to increase your revenue. All you need to do is add the widget or embed code to your website and the AI takes care of the rest. Without doing anything complex you can increase sales, leads and profits.


Reason #2

+Add Element

Big Brands are dependent on AI Bots to automate their Marketing, sales, lead generation and so much more. It is not that they cannot afford more people, but the AI makes the process simpler and easier and they are investing heavily in the tech to build custom AI Bots. With AI AutoBots pro you can build and set up your Bot in the next 5 minutes.

Reason #3

+Add Element

Businesses just like you need AI AutoBots. You can be the one providing these services to these businesses and profit big time. You can charge anywhere between $250-$500 or even more and even take a monthly maintenance fee to do content updates to the AI.


Reason #4

+Add Element

AI is at its peak and the AI Chatbots is a growing market. You will have to adapt to this tech either now or in the future when it becomes too crowded. You can get the first mover advantage in your Niche if you act NOW.

Reason #5

+Add Element

There are a bunch of apps that claim to let you create these AutoBots. But the fact is none of it has features close enough to AI AutoBots Pro and they all come with a heavy monthly fee. You can take advantage of the low one-time fee and catapult your path to success.


$97 per Month

Zero Monthly Fees & just $32 one-time payment


There is one Catch though…

The founding member's special launch will not run forever. Apps which do half of what AI AutoBots Pro does charge a monthly subscription fee.

Right now, you can get your hands on this app for a ridiculously low one-time price which will never be available again..

Sooner or later you need this..

Jumping in early on a New Tech is the best thing you can do for yourself and your Business!

What are you waiting for?


You have nothing to lose..

You are backed by an..

  • Awesome Product
  • Credible Product Creator
  • The Latest Technology in the Market
  • Incredible Support Team
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • What are you waiting for?

Take the leap and make AI AutoBots Pro Yours..

$97 per Month

Zero Monthly Fees & just $32 one-time payment


Limited time Fast Action Bonuses


3 Weeks AI AutoBots Pro Success Training ($997)

This is an exclusive training available only for the founding members of AI AutoBots Pro. At AI AutoBots Pro we are committed to your success and we will leave no stone unturned to fetch you massive results using our app. In this training we’ll hold you by the hand and help you to use AI AutoBots Pro to its fullest potential.


The USP Advantage ($197)

Having a powerful USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is a key to success for any Business. This guide will help you create the most powerful USPs for your Business or for your clients that will help you make more profits!


Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing ($247)

This Bonus will help you learn how you can make the best use of Artificial Intelligence in your Digital Marketing efforts to get better results. It covers AI in advertising, Email Marketing, ChatBots and teaches you how to future proof your Marketing efforts.


Launch it ($247)

If you are full of ideas but do not know how to get to the next step, then this is for you. It is going to help you turn your passion / idea into a thriving start up. It covers everything from validating your idea to securing funds and even scaling your operations, it covers it all.


Solopreneur Success ($147)

Running your Business all by yourself needs a lot of skill. This guide will help you avoid the mistakes & bunks that are commonly faced by solopreneurs and take you on the path to success.


Free Resources to grow your social media value ($347)

Our expert team did their research and found some hidden treasures & tools that you can use to grow your Social media. None of the expert marketers tells you about these tools while they secretly use it themselves to get tremendous results. We have made it available for you all in one single document.


Total Value of Bonuses




  • Organize your AutoBot Campaigns under Workspaces (1 Workspace)
  • Create Multiple Campaigns under each workspace (10 Campaigns / Workspace)
  • Train the AI using URL
  • Ability to Train the AutoBot using Multiple URLs
  • Train the AI using Text
  • Train the AI using a File
  • Ability to Train using Multiple Files
  • Train the AI using a list of Q & A’s
  • Use a combination of Sources to Train the AI
  • Embed the AutoBot on ANY Page or even multiple pages
  • Add the AutoBot as a widget on ANY Page or even multiple pages
  • Ability to Restrict the Domains on which the AutoBot will work
  • Customize the AutoBot
  • Set Welcome Message on Bot
  • Collect Leads (100 ID’s)
  • AutoResponder Integration
  • Set Email Notifications
  • Set up Pre-filled Questions
  • Ability to handle multiple conversations
  • Ability to Train Bots in ANY Language of your Choice
  • Ability to Train the same Bot in Multiple Languages
  • Store Response History
  • Ability to Update the AI anytime
  • Time-based Chat Initiation
  • Complete Visitor Analytics
  • DFY AutoBot Templates (1 Template)
  • Personalized Conversations
  • Right to Left (RTL) Text
  • Localize the AutoBots
  • Commercial Rights
  • Ability to add client accounts & Agency Rights

Launch Special Bonuses ($2182)

  • Bonus 1 - 3 Weeks AI AutoBots Pro Success Training ($997)
  • Bonus 2 - The USP Advantage ($197)
  • Bonus 3 - Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing ($247)
  • Bonus 4 - Launch it ($247)
  • Bonus 5 - Solopreneur Success ($147)
  • Bonus 6 - Free Resources to grow your social media value ($347)
AI-AutoBots Pro Starter


  • Organize your AutoBot Campaigns under Workspaces (10 Workspace)
  • Create Multiple Campaigns under each workspace (20 Campaigns / Workspace)
  • Train the AI using URL
  • Ability to Train the AutoBot using Multiple URLs
  • Train the AI using Text
  • Train the AI using a File
  • Ability to Train using Multiple Files
  • Train the AI using a list of Q & A’s
  • Use a combination of Sources to Train the AI
  • Embed the AutoBot on ANY Page or even multiple pages
  • Add the AutoBot as a widget on ANY Page or even multiple pages
  • Ability to Restrict the Domains on which the AutoBot will work
  • Customize the AutoBot
  • Set Welcome Message on Bot
  • Collect Leads (1000 ID’s)
  • AutoResponder Integration
  • Set Email Notifications
  • Set up Pre-filled Questions
  • Ability to handle multiple conversations
  • Ability to Train Bots in ANY Language of your Choice
  • Ability to Train the same Bot in Multiple Languages
  • Store Response History
  • Ability to Update the AI anytime
  • Time-based Chat Initiation
  • Complete Visitor Analytics
  • DFY AutoBot Templates (10 Template)
  • Personalized Conversations
  • Right to Left (RTL) Text
  • Localize the AutoBots
  • Commercial Rights
  • Ability to add client accounts & Agency Rights (10 Accounts)

Launch Special Bonuses ($2182)

  • Bonus 1 - 3 Weeks AI AutoBots Pro Success Training ($997)
  • Bonus 2 - The USP Advantage ($197)
  • Bonus 3 - Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing ($247)
  • Bonus 4 - Launch it ($247)
  • Bonus 5 - Solopreneur Success ($147)
  • Bonus 6 - Free Resources to grow your social media value ($347)
AI-AutoBots Pro Commercial

Use code "autobotsoff"  for a $5 discount

Benefit Using this 1-App in Multiple ways..


30-Days Fail Proof Money Back Guarantee


If AI AutoBots Pro doesn’t help you increase your sales, leads and engagement & customer satisfaction then simply reach out to us & take your money back, no questions asked.

We make products that will help you succeed. But if you are unable to succeed with our product for some reason, we won’t take your money. We want this to be a profitable investment for you!

We’ll give you a full 30-days to test drive AI AutoBots Pro and if you are not overwhelmed with the results, we will give you an immediate refund.

We want to deliver more value than what we have promised on this page!

If you do not see the value or derive the benefit, we would be more than happy to offer you a full refund. Our aim is to help you get better results with our App.

I am sure you will see it yourself once you login and start using the app!

But you have nothing to worry about even if you are not satisfied for some reason as we’ll offer you a full refund if you contact us within 30 days of your purchase.

Go ahead and secure your founding member’s copy of AI AutoBots Pro

$97 per Month

Zero Monthly Fees & just $32 one-time payment


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 the Convenience in Your Life!

Your Triumph is My Foremost Commitment!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Technology behind this app?

A. This App uses ChatGPT API to train your AutoBots for your content.

Q. How does the credit system work and how many free credits do I get?

A. You get 1000 free credits with the commercial version. When a customer lands on your page and initiates a conversation with your AutoBot and gets a response, it will be counted as 1 credit. To be more specific (1 Prompt (Question) + 1 Answer = 1 Credit)

Q. Can you explain in simple terms what this app does?

A. AI AutoBots Pro helps you create AutoBots that can be placed on your websites and pages to answer questions from clients, customers, employees or any other stakeholders. Unlike Traditional ChatBots, AutoBots are intelligent Bots that learn details about your Business in seconds when you provide it with a URL, Text or a file. It familiarizes with the content and uses Natural Language Processing capabilities to answer questions just like how humans would do or even better!

Q. I do not have any pages or websites. How can I benefit from using this app?

A. No problem. You can use this app to help other Businesses create AutoBots and charge them a premium. You can even charge recurring fees for maintenance and updates.

Q. Can I know about the Upgrades?

A. Yes. There are 6 upgrades.

Upgrade 1 - Advanced - It makes everything unlimited and even removes AI AutoBots Pro branding from your campaigns. It has game-changing features including Engagement Booster, Bot customization, Appointment Booking, Feedback collection, Social Following Boost Feature and so much more..

Upgrade 2 - Template Club - This is where you get 100+ AutoBot Templates in popular Niches. You will also unlock 20+ New Templates every month for the next 12 months.

Upgrade 3 - Business Upgrade - This will unlock unlimited clients and give you all the superpowers to run an AI AutoBot Agency.

Upgrade 4 - Reseller - License to sell AI AutoBots Pro and keep 100% of the Profits.

Upgrade 5 - AI AutoBots Pro Prompt Engine Special - You get access to a chrome plugin that runs inside ChatGPT and preloaded with 10000+ Prompts in Popular categories along with a backend to store your history and even record video using in-built Teleprompter.

Upgrade 6 - AI AutoBots Pro JusTap Special - This Upgrade gives you access to First-to-Market NFC Tech Agency App that lets you create contactless Digital Business cards, generate leads, collect payments, get followers, collect reviews and more in just a Tap.

Q. Do you have Tutorials?

A. Yes! We do have Tutorials and a fully searchable knowledge base that will hand hold you to creating your first campaign

Q. Do I need the paid version of ChatGPT for this to work?

A. No. The basic free version is sufficient for this to work and get you great results. Also the app comes with included credits.

Q. Is there any limitation on the content that the AI can be Trained on?

A. We are providing credits worth 1 Million characters to train the AI. We initially wanted to give 200,000 credits but as a launch special we are doing 1 Million Character worth of Credits with a limit of 200,000 character credits on a single campaign. Once you exhaust the credits you can always connect with your own Open AI API key if you want to train more data.

Q. What happens when the credits get over?

A. You can connect your own ChatGPT by putting in your API keys. ChatGPT gives you $18 worth of credits that will be valid for 3 months. If you exhaust that you will be charged by ChatGPT as per your usage. The charges are very minimal. You will be charged approximately 70 cents for about 300,000 words. That is a lot!

Q. What Can I use this App for?

A. If you or your clients have a website then you can use this app to be available for your prospects / customers 24 x 7. You can guide them, help them select your products and services and answer any questions they may have. You can also use this to give instant responses to your customers instead of making them wait for hours to get answers.

Q. Do we get Agency & Commercial rights?

A. Yes! You do get Agency and commercial rights that allow you to sell AutoBots to other Businesses. The Agency rights lets you create client accounts and assign them workspaces to manage their own campaigns or review the campaigns you have created for them.

Q. Do you have a bundle deal?

A. Once you pick AI AutoBots Pro from this page, you will be presented with a fast-pass bundle deal that includes all the upgrades for a low one-time price.

Q. Is there a Monthly fee?

A. You are in luck. We are running a limited-time only founding member’s launch and during this period, if you get AI AutoBots Pro, you will be able to secure it for the lowest possible one-time only price.

Q. Do you have a money-back Guarantee?

A. Yes! We do have a 30 days no questions asked money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied for some reason, you can claim a full refund within this period.

Q. I have never used Chat GPT or any AI tools before. Will this work for me?

A. You do not need any prior experience to use the app. It is 100% Newbie friendly.

Q. I have specific questions. How can I get them answered?

A. Sure. Please write to us at support@aiautobotspro.com

$97 per Month

Zero Monthly Fees & just $32 one-time payment


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