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Regular Price - $147/Month

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Ability to create unlimited client Accounts


Assign Clients to Specific Workspaces


Custom Branding on Client’s Dashboard


Ability to add unlimited Team Members


Assign Team Members to Workspaces


Done-For-You Agency Website


Done-For-You Sales Video to offer AutoBot Services


Done-For-You Fiverr gigs to sell AutoBot Services


Done-For-You Client Presentation


Done-For-You Cold Calling Scripts


Done-For-You Email Swipes


Done-For-You Client Contract

Regular Price - $147/Month

Get AI AutoBots Pro Business for Just $47 One-time Payment
(ONLY Limited Spots)


Provide a Service that Everyone with a
 Website or Digital Presence Needs..

Get Started Today..

10K+ Websites are created every single hour and guess what is an undeniable service you can offer these website owners?

Help them take advantage of AI and make them available for their customers 24 x 7 using AutoBots!

We wanted to make it easy for you to offer AutoBot services, manage your clients and look super professional in front of your clients.

That’s why we are doing something huge for our founding members..





Regular Price - $147/Month

Get AI AutoBots Pro Business for Just $47 One-time Payment
(ONLY Limited Spots)


Your AI AutoBots Pro Account will be SuperCharged with these Amazing Features when you Upgrade NOW!

Limited Licenses | Offer Multiple Services from 1 App

Ability to create unlimited client accounts

We want to help you grow and add as many clients as you want and manage all their work from one dashboard. With the Business Upgrade, you will be able to manage unlimited clients and sell your services to anyone you want without any restrictions. The best part is you will be able to manage all the clients from a single dashboard. Your clients will have a separate login to access their work.


Assign Clients to a Specific Workspace

You can assign clients to a specific Workspace. Your client’s dashboard will have details only related to the particular Workspace they have been assigned while you will be able to see all the Workspaces at once.

Custom Branding on Client’s Dashboard

Look professional in front of your clients by adding their brand logo as the custom logo for their dashboard. When they login to their dashboard they will be able to see their logo.


Add Unlimited Team Members

When you have a number of clients to manage, you will also need extra hands to manage your Agency. We will also let you add unlimited Team members who can help you manage your client’s campaigns.

Assign Team Members to Workspaces

You can assign 1 or more team members to a Workspace and let them handle the work for you. You get to control what the added Team members can do. Very useful when you have multiple clients to deal with and want to delegate work.


We will also help you land clients
 to offer AutoBots as a Service…

You can get started right away..

Agency Marketing Kit to sell AutoBot Services

A complete Agency Marketing Kit that can be quickly customized and used as per you need aimed at helping you land more clients to offer AutoBots to other Businesses.


Done-For-you Agency Website

The first requirement to become an Agency and portray yourself as an authority is to have a website.

Our in-house designers have hand-crafted a professional website that would easily cost you 1000’s of dollars in copywriting and designing if you were to outsource it.

Easily close clients with our professional website and get started right away selling much-needed AutoBots services to anyone with a Digital Presence or a Website!

Done-For-You Sales Video

We know how important videos are when it comes to selling. We take extreme care to craft our videos. Right from the Video script to making every bit of it engaging. 84% of people watch a video before they buy a product or service. Videos are crucial and having a professionally done Video is super important! Your Agency website is incomplete without a video.

We’ve created a stunning sales video that you can use to sell services to your clients. You don’t have to hire any expensive copywriter, video creator and a voiceover artist. We’ve done all the hard work and we’re giving it to you so you can start profiting immediately! And you know when we have done it, it is going to be hyper-engaging and addictive.


Done-For-You Facebook Ads

We’ve got you the website and video. The next thing you need is traffic. We will give you high-quality proven to convert Social Media Ad creatives. You can use these and drive traffic effortlessly to your website and land more clients to offer creating AI AutoBots as a service!

Done-For-You Follow up Email Swipes

What’s the next step once you get leads? You need to follow up with them! What better way than to reach them through emails? Our in-house professional Email copywriter has written high-converting follow up swipes that will convert all your leads into customers!

The swipes have the right ingredients that will trigger the receiver to take action in the right direction and help you land more clients to offer your services.


Done-For-You Fiverr Gigs

If you want to sell your services as a freelancer on Fiverr or Upwork, we’ve still got you covered. As you know it is not easy to stand out in a crowded marketplace. We researched and took inspiration from gigs that have sold well. We have created a high-converting DFY Fiverr gig which you can copy & paste and start getting clients to offer your services using AI AutoBots Pro on these marketplaces!

Done-For-You Phone Scripts

There are 1000s of businesses out there that need help with their Business in various aspects. They may be living just around you. You can quickly look up for businesses in your locality & call them to convert them into leads & sales!

When you have a professionally written sales script you know what to talk about and you can confidently convert them into a prospect & eventually a customer.

Our expert sales team has drafted these cold calling scripts to easily close clients!


Done-For-You Client Presentation

We decided to leave no stone unturned. Want to convert your leads into clients? We’ve got an exclusive sales presentation. Use this presentation to floor your prospects and get them interested to pay you for your service.

Done-For-You Client Contract

We want you to look super professional when selling services to businesses. That is why we hand-crafted these contract templates which you can customize and share with your clients to look legit , stay safe while charging more for your services.


Regular Price - $147/Month

Get AI AutoBots Pro Business for Just $47 One-time Payment
(ONLY Limited Spots)


All these people need your services…
You can charge them a premium if you ACT now!


Business owners


Anyone having a website


Ecommerce Stores


Digital Marketers


Service Providers






Course Creators


Digital Stores


SaaS Products


HR Professionals


Customer Support




Real Estate Agents


Spas / Salons


HandyMan services








Travel Companies



+Add Element
+Add Element

Restaurants & Cafes

+Add Element
+Add Element

Millions of Businesses need AutoBots.. Become an AI AutoBot
Expert Today & Cash in from the $6.43 Bn Market!

The Chatbot Market is valued at a whopping $6.43 Bn and will hit $27.2 Bn by 2023..

This is your time to take on as many clients as you want with the unlimited clients features and provide them with AutoBots services.. ..

Just in the US, there are about 14 Mn Ecommerce sites.

Even if you just consider creating AI Chatbots for Ecommerce Websites the market is Humongous!

No of Clients

Avg AI ChatBot Set up Price



1 X $250



10 X $250



50 X $250



100 X $250



1000 X $250


But the fact is your customers can target any website owner and not just E commerce websites..

In fact there are 1.11 Bn websites and 200 Mn plus active Websites in the world.

175 New Websites are being created every single minute and 10K websites every hour..

All these websites can use an AutoBot irrespective of what they are offering or selling..

There are literally millions of Businesses needing AI Chatbot services..

You can help them with..

  • Increase in sales
  • Lead Generation
  • Reduction in website bounce rates
  • Increasing the ROI with same Website Traffic
  • Automate Monotonous Tasks
  • Increase Engagement
  • Provide solutions without Human interference
  • Address repeat customer queries
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Provide instant gratification to their customers

And so much more..

These website owners and Ecom Store owners need your service because they do
not have the expertise or technical skills to do it themselves.

You can project yourself as an AI AutoBot Expert in front of them while
AI AutoBots Pro will do all the heavy lifting for you!

That’s Not all

We have some CRAZY GOOD Fast
Action Bonuses if you get in NOW!


List Building on a Budget - $397

It is no secret that building a list is a crucial step for any Business. Whether you are a solopreneur, blogger or a small business creating a mailing list will take you to the next level. List Building doesn’t have to be complex and this guide will help you step by step on your journey to build a huge list.


Niche Marketing Secrets - $497

Once you have identified your Niche, you need to take the necessary steps to turn that Niche to a goldmine of profits. You will have to build a brand around the chosen Niche that will attract people and then in turn sell your product or service. This guide is going to help you with all of that and more


Total Value of Bonuses


Take a Look at Freelancers Selling Similar Services
on Marketplaces like Fiverr & Upwork


We want you to have similar success with AI AutoBots Pro or in fact you can do much better with our awesome app!

With AI AutoBots Pro Business you will easily be able to make 6-figures or more as you can manage unlimited clients from a single dashboard and easily service each one of them effortlessly and offer them multiple services.

One simple tool to offer a much needed service that no website owner can deny!

All I want to say is - Don’t let this opportunity slip from your hands.



  • Ability to create unlimited Client Accounts
  • Assign Clients to a Specific Workspace
  • Custom Branding on Client’s Dashboard
  • Add Unlimited Team Members
  • Assign Team Members to Workspace
  • Agency Marketing Kit to sell Multiple Services
  • Done-For-You Agency Website
  • Done-For-You Sales Video
  • Done-For-You Follow up Email Swipes
  • Done-For-You Fiverr Gigs
  • Done-For-You Phone Scripts
  • Done-For-You Client Presentation
  • Done-For-You Client Contract

Launch Special Bonuses ($894)

  • Bonus 1 - List Building on a Budget - $397
  • Bonus 2 - Niche Marketing Secrets - $497

ONLY $47

No Monthly Fee | Limited Spots

AI-AutoBots Pro Business Version

You are also backed by our 30-Days Money Back Guarantee


We want to make sure that AI AutoBots Pro Business is going to be a super profitable investment for you or else we won’t take your money.

You are getting a full 30 days to “test drive” AI AutoBots Pro Business & if you are not “overwhelmed” with the results after using AI AutoBots Pro Business, we will give you an “immediate” refund. Yes, even if you ask for it on the 30th day.

We are about to “overwhelm” you with the results & being just “happy” will not satisfy us either.

If, anyhow, you feel the software is not worth hundreds of dollars to you… or it was 4 out of 5 stars, instead of 6 out of 5 stars… then you have 30 days to drop us a support ticket & get an immediate refund.

Our sole aim is to help you sell multiple crucial Services to businesses & make it an "easy going" task for YOU & you will see that inside the members area.

Now go ahead & click on the button below to get started profiting with the Business License!

Frequently Asked questions

Q. How many client accounts can I add?

A. With the Business version, you can create unlimited client accounts. You can even add a custom logo to your client’s account and assign specific workspaces for each client.

Q. Do I have to pay a monthly fee to buy this upgrade?

A. AI AutoBots Pro Business is available to you for an incredibly low one-time price if you buy NOW. Once the special offer ends, the app will be offered at a monthly fee or we may choose to not sell this upgrade after the launch ends. I must say you are in luck right now. But only if you act fast.

Q. How can I get clients to offer AutoBots Services?

A. We knew that our customers would need help in this area and that’s why we have included a complete Agency Marketing kit to help you get clients including website, sales videos, Facebook Ads, email follow up swipes, fiverr gigs, phone Scripts, client presentation, contract templates and so much more! Everything is fully Done-for-you to kick start your 6-figure Agency Business!

Q. I have specific questions. How can I get them answered?

A. Sure. Please write to us at support@aiautobotspro.com


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